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13.  Online electronic survey was made available from July 3 to December 31, 2021, togive input on a Grant Opportunity for the Almanor Rail Trail.  

ARPD thanks everyone for their input.  Over 200 responses were recorded and used for evaluation of community responses.  An available grant offered by the California Department of State  Parks, called the Rural Recreation and Tourism Grant, was considered by ARPD and Almanor Basin Trails Coalition members as an excellent potential grant to both finalize the acquisition of the entire 12-mile,t 100-foot wide, Almanor Rail Trail AND to develop the first 1 1/2 miles from south of Chester’s  Main Street to the west end of the highway 36 Causeway into a greenway park with a recreation trail.  This grant would also permit the renovation of the 100-year-old Railroad Trestle behind Olsen Barn to provide a safe and direct connection to the Causeway and the Olsen Barn property. 
Poll results are available HERE