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Meet the Artist - Hillary Edwards!

 Hillary grew up in Chester and after leaving for several years to pursue her education, she returned to the area and is currently the art teacher for Chester in both the elementary and Jr./Sr. high schools.

She was very excited to have this opportunity to work on this project.  Hillary engaged her senior art class in the planning, brainstorming and design phase of the project, and she also reached out to the Maidu Summit for their input on what they wished to see in the mural depicting the role of the young Maidu today, especially in the role of land stewardship and forest restoration.

Facing the community garden, the first mural has created a vibrant and colorful background as gardeners engage in the shared experience of a healthy lifestyle through outdoor activity, healthy eating and social interaction through community gardening. The second mural, facing the street and ball parks, celebrates the history and culture of the Maidu Community.  Hillary was honored to be asked to present her ideas with the Tribal Edlers, and their input informed her ideas for the art.

These murals were funded by a grant from

Upstate California Creative Corps

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