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2022 Poker Paddle 

kayak on Lake Almanor

Nearly 50 paddlers enjoyed a beautiful day on Lake Almanor on Saturday, July 23.  The weather was perfect, waters were calm, and everyone wore big smiles!  

The $200 prize for the best poker hand went to Tori Mowatt - congratulations! 

A HUGE SHOUTOUT to our amazing volunteers:

Mary Austin, the woman behind the original event concept, and her husband Leon who worked tirelessly both before and during the event day to make it all happen!  She truly ran the show!

Duff Gallagher, who assisted with regisration, manned a boat station, and stayed to help with takedown.

Heather Patchen, who organized registration both before and during the event and is our go-to problem solver who smooths out all the wrinkles!

Chelsea Harrison and her husband Norm who assisted with setup and registration!

Sue Halthom, Shirley Fredericks, and Lynn Rickman who assisted with the Poker board, lunches, and takedown.

Our Wonderful boat crews: Steve and Suzanne Munroe, Wes and Jane Scott, Rick Peters, Duff Gallagher, Wendy and Jon Scott.

Plumas Pines logo

And finally to Todd Geer and Plumas Pines, who support ARPD in providing the location, the planning,and the lunch and make the event possible.  

 This event is possible because of all the hard work of these dedicated volunteers! 

ARPD thanks you ALL!