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​3.  "Adopt a Trail" Program for Trail Enhancement and Community Involvement (ongoing)

Major landholders in the area have trails in our area that are in need of upgrading, on-going maintenance, and promotion of their availability to community members as well as tourists.  Our ARPD Trails Committee is in the process of contacting major landholders and corridor owners about "adopting" some of their trails.  The goal is to enhance what exists, promote its availability to community members and tourists, and provide ideas and funding for trail enhancements.  

ARPD President signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Collins Pine Company.  The document allows ARPD to enter the Collins property north of Chester Park to upgrade the nature trail and to expand the trail system to make it easier to access and use for both community members and seasonal visitors. (SELECT THE COLLINS PINE TRAIL  under "Trails Committee" tab on this website for progress on Phases 1 and 2)

Through enhancement of regional and local trails, our goal is to improve availability  to more activities not only during the summer tourist season but also into the shoulder seasons and potentially the winter months.  Such activities would include walking, hiking, bicycling, snow shoeing and cross-country skiing and potentially snowmobiling.