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8.  December 12, 2019, ARPD was awarded a $75,000 grant from Sierra Nevada Conservancy  (SNC)  to perform Due Diligence studies on the Almanor Railroad right of way (ROW).

The Collins Pine Company has expressed interest in donating their 12 mile, 100-foot wide Almanor Railroad ROW to ARPD.  The railroad is an identified trail segment (R-3) in the Concept Plan.  The ROW includes a scenic, gently sloping, cleared railbed path that begins in Chester, crosses the Chester Causeway, continues along the north shore of Lake Almanor, and then continues in forested lands to cross County Road A-13 next to the Bailey Creek subdivision, and eventually extends to Highway 147 at Clear Creek Junction.  After a successful transfer,  ARPD plans to pursue other grant funding to resurface the existing railbed and add trail amenities along the route to make it a Class I, public, rail trail.  To assure ARPD of a legally eligible property transfer and low exposure to future use hazards, regulatory restrictions, and un-affordable maintenance or safety issues, the SNC grant will fund the necessary title and technical studies.  These studies may take until 2022 to complete and successful outcomes for each study will form a basis for a formal property transfer to ARPD.  The donation offer by Collins Pine Company is yet another reminder of the company's generosity and dedication to improving the quality of life and recreation opportunities for the Chester and Almanor Basin community.