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9.  May 13, 2020, Trails Committee works with Caltrans District 2 and Plumas County to add a 4-mile, future north extension to the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail (LART) near the shoreline of Lake Almanor.

Caltrans District 2 is progressing with their State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) activities to resurface Highway 89 from the Dam to Highway 36.  Caltrans calls this their "West Almanor Project"  which will take from 2020 to 2025 to complete.  During several discussions between the Trails Committee and Caltrans District 2 staff, the Committee's plan to position a multi-use, non-motorized recreation trail within the Caltrans right of way (ROW), close to the Lake, began to materialize.  Added discussions with the County's Department of Public Works provided a cost estimate and support for the new trail segment, which under the local Concept Plan is labelled "R-8, LART North Extension".  This trail segment's concept was ranked highly by District 2 and Headquarters as a potential addition during ongoing SHOPP projects.  On March 13, the California Transportation Commission approved a $2.5 million addition to the HIghway 89 SHOPP budget for the R-8 segment, estimated to be completed in 2025.  This will be a wonderful recreation addition to the Almanor Basin for the Trail Committee's "Trails Around the Lake" program by extending the existing 12-mile LART from its present north end (south of the Lake Almanor West community) to the south end of the SuperDitch channel at a formal "access opening" to USFS land from Highway 89.  The dedicated work of many people at Caltrans District 2, County Public Works and the Trials Committee over 4 years made this extension trail segment a coming reality.