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Funding Efforts Move Forward!

On Jan 19th, ARPD submitted a grant application for the State Parks Grant, called "Rural Rec & Tourism"

Fun Facts:

  • ARPD applied for $2.6M to potentially finish acquiring of Almanor's Rail Trail & improve 1.5 miles in Chester;
  • Improvement tasks will include planning, design, and construction of 6 non-motorized project elements;
  • Includes trail surfacing, converting train bridge to ped/cycle use, construction of 2 new trialheads,installation of 2 wildlife viewing sheds, and installation of about 6 outdoor exercise stations;
  • Includes wayfinding posts, exhibit signage, and selected natural landscaping;
  • Partner's Seneca Healthcare, Plumas Audubon Society, & Feather River Land Trust will help guide and maintain specific aspects
  • ​This is a big leap since Statewide grant competition is super high; and Rail Trail transfer is not completed yet between ARPD and Collins.  Grant decision to be announced in June 2022