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Questions and Answers about adding recreational features at ARPD's property

1)  What's being planned for new recreation?

​The drafts of the Design Master Plan (below) show the recreational facilities that ARPD will begin to construct in spring of 2022, and the future development of a Pump Track and Skate Park. Phase 1 includes three covered picnic areas, a community garden area, a tot climbing area, and a family play area with outdoor all-weather game tables:  2 ping-pong tables, 2 corn hole pits, a foosball table and chess table. The next phase will start with a Pump Track, and will require infrastructure (parking expansion, restroom facilities, electrical, water, etc) prior to construction.  This phase will require additional funding.

2)  How did ARPD decide what to include?

In March, April and May (2019), ARPD conducted public outreach meetings prior to its Board Meetings at the ARPD Office to seek community ideas for recreational features on the 2.9-acre site.  There was a good deal of interest in a covered picnic area,  a small play area for ball players' siblings at a location where parents could supervise, and a community garden.  The skate park and Pump Track also had good support. ​ 

3)  How will it be funded?

​ARPD was successful in getting the matching funds required to qualify for Per Capita Grant funding in the amount of $297,000, which will fund Phase 1.  We are hopeful that the cost of the project, now going to bid, will leave a sufficient surplus to accomplish two things: 1. pay for the design for the pump track and skatepark, and 2. begin construction on the infrastructure for the Pump Track.  

​4)  What's the timeline for development?

Phase 1a is going to bid this spring (2022) and depending upon the bids (cost, timeline, availability) we hope to complete construction of the groundwork this summe, with the installation of the game tables and community garden to follow.  

5)  How can I help?

  • contractors, clubs, associations, businesses are asked to consider funding specific features (such as the Pump Track and Skate Park) for future improvements not covered by the Grants funds. 
  • ​donations of ping pong paddles and balls, and chess and checker pieces are needed.

1.  Survey Monkey Poll of Chester's Student Groups (January 2021) on a Skate Park 
     For results see