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Step Up!  Join the Party!  Volunteer!

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If ever there were a time to get involved this is it!  Much is going on in the Lake Almanor Basin and as each of us takes that step forward, our smaller day-to-day actions can join together to impact the overall wellness of our children, families, seniors and community.  

Everything that ARPD brings to our community is accomplished by volunteerism.  There isn't a single community event or program that can occur without someone stepping forward to say "I can do this part, or work this day or contribute this...."

Individually, we each have our talents.  We have goals and we have the desire to make a difference.  There are few people in the Lake Almanor Basin that wouldn't like to see something change or improve. 

Everything that ARPD brings to our community is accomplished by volunteerism.  

The choices of ARPD activities that you can join in order to make change or improvement are the following:

1)  Friends of ARPD: Join this volunteer group and we will  provide announcements of upcoming events, meetings, and programs in which you can participate more broadly than an attendee.  You can help with ideas for planning an upcoming event, and/or attend the planning meetings conducted at various times before the event, and/or volunteer to assist during the setup for the event or during the event.  Additionally, you may be invited to sit in on Board Meetings where events are proposed by the public so that we can get your opinion on its strengths and weaknesses. 

You can view elements of these topics on this website (, using the Homepage, About Us, Programs, Volunteers and Events tabs.

2)  Youth Soccer Coaches and Coordinators   Our primary youth sport is soccer, in the Fall.  We manage the Truman Collins Sports Complex for soccer and baseball, but baseball is organized by others.

Sensei Burlesen teaching Youth Judo

Each year we need coaches (to coach and manage teams) and coordinators (to organize coaches, schedules, field set-up and equipment). The Fall Program play is formal, teams are by age and gender, and a higher level of soccer knowledge is an asset.  Our District provides liability insurance coverage for all concerned, fees are modest and children have fun and learn to play the game, learn team play and team discipline. .

3) Trails Committee Meetings: this group meets most first Thursdays of the month at 4:30 pm to6 pm at our office (101 Meadowbrook Loop, Chester) and or via ZOOM Video.  It discusses improvements, fund raising and work sessions for the Collins Pine Nature Trail; it plans and performs research for new trails around and near the Lake , associated parcel ownership and constraints;  it  meets with owners to determine the desirability and constraints of trails on their lands, researches grants available for such projects, and solicits volunteers and planning funds for projects.

You can review elements of these topics on this website using the various Trails Committee pull down tabs.

4) Trail Blazer Work Sessions: These sessions are generally on weekends (some weekdays for persons with flexible schedules ) to enhance the existing trails and expanded trails at the Collins Pine Trail and occasionally other area trails.  Work can range from raking trails or staking segments for upcoming widening or clearing, to clearing grass for widening or new trails, leveling and mounding trail segments, building bridges, diverting water courses and the like.  Sessions are usually 1 ½ to 2 hours with fun people and a relaxed attitude and focused on only what you personally are comfortable doing with hand tools.

The website tab Collins Pine Trail, under the Collins Pine Trail pull down shows pictures of what we generally do.

Please let me know which activity you wish to be part of or if you have questions.

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Perhaps you don't have a specific activity or event in mind but know that you would like to give of your time to assist with making one or more of the district's current programs or fundraisers a success.  Take a moment to review the current ARPD  Standing Committees (Refer to our PROGRAMS website tab) and find what makes the best fit for you.