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Almanor Recreation Center 

The infrastructure is in and the Toddler Climbing Area is nearly done!  Next up:

Where are we in the process?

  • The picnic tables, game tables and garden containers are all on order - we are hoping for September deliveries.
  • The bid for the Community Garden Fence is out.
  • Landscaping:  Trees are due mid - August, but sadly, we are holding off on all shrubs due to cost overruns.  

Recreation center will include:

  • 3 new sheltered picnic areas; outdoor all weather game facilities for Ping-Pong (2); Foosball; Chess; Cornhole (2).
  • Community garden area: 10 raised plots, garden shed
  • Wellness garden for tiny tots with climbing areas and benches

See attached drawing for a visual!

New Almanor Recreation Center Phase 1A